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Chastity of Water | Water the Elixir of Life

The bottled drinking water which is claimed to be enriched with minerals is not actually energizing as compared to naturally available water.
The artificially enriched bottled water is comparable to a dead body adorned with gold ornaments. It is lifeless and is of NO use.
Our ancient texts which were handed over to us by enlightened souls based on thousands of years of collective human experience talk about different types of energies stored in naturally available drinking water. In this video we have tried to explain those concepts in layman terms for the benefit of our viewers.

The Sun and the Moon are referred multiple times while explaining the flow of energies in the Yogic Sciences. The Sun which is the main source of energy for all living beings on Earth is considered to be Electric in nature and is referred as Shiva. The Sun provides warmth and life energy or Prana Shakti. The Moon rays are considered to have a cooling effect and is revered as the bestower of knowledge or Gnana Shakti. The Moon’s energy is considered to be magnetic in nature and is referred as Sakthi. Hence the Sun and the Moon together are synonymous to Shiva-Sakthi or Electro-Magnetic energies. These concepts should not be shunned as pseudo-sciences or superstitions as they have been verified by our ancient yogis or siddhas through hundreds of years of yogic experiences.

Until few years ago, humans used only surface water which were open to the sky. These water bodies were energised directly with the sun’s rays during the day and with the moon’s rays during the night. The moon’s rays during its waning period, (that is after the new-moon day) is considered to have Amrutha Sakthi or is considered to be Ambrosia in nature, while during the waxing period (that is after the full-moon day) the moon’s rays is considered to behave toxic in nature. On the New moon day, its rays are purely toxic and on the Full-Moon Day, its rays are purely Ambrosia in nature. While toxic nature of the moon’s rays restricts the growth on poisonous organism in the water, the Ambrosia-nature of the moon’s rays improves the Gnana Sakthi in the water. It is for this reason that many Hindu festivals are celebrated on Pournami nights, especially outdoors, when the Gnana Sakthi of the moon is at its fullest.
Now we understand that our ancestors were not ignorant to have devised outdoor festivities on Pournami nights. Participating in such festivals only nourished us in a very subtle manner which modern science cannot validate or explain.
The water which flows in our rivers are revered as pristine Devis by our ancient Hindu dharma. We celebrate them and thank them through our worship and Artis. Those who devised these worship methods were realised yogis, whose intention was to ensure that the rivers were protected and revered by us forever.
If humanity forgets to worship water, the result will be floods, famines and water borne diseases. Hence, let us unite and worship water, which is one of the Panchabhootas as a life-giving mother at least once a year. The 18th day of the month of Aadi in the Tamil calendar, which is called as Aashad maas in the other languages of India has been celebrated as the “Day of Water” by our ancestors. This day falls on the 3rd of August every year on the English calendar except on leap years. Let’s follow this legacy of our ancestors and celebrate the “Water Day” with the following simple worship method.
1. Let us pay our sincere gratitude and devotion to the water source of our home, be it a well, or a bore well or common municipal water tap at the street, by cleaning it.
2. Apply some turmeric and Kumkum on it.
3. Shower few flowers or decorate it with a garland.
4. Offer a simple sweet as prasad
5. Light a simple oil or ghee lamp
6. And with true and sincere devotion, pray to mother nature that this water source should nourish our family throughout the year.
Water being one of the 5 elements or the Panchabhoota has emotions and will accept your gratitude and ensure that you and your family do not suffer due to water scarcity. Hence, let us not shy away from worshiping her on the 3rd of August every year. May the holy water in our wells, rivers and lakes nourish and purify humanity.
We take this opportunity to invite you to the Pallikaranaisakthi temple located near Chennai. This is the adobe of mother Divine Adhi Parasakthi. The great 18 sages or Siddhas are consecrated in yogic forms in front of Mother Mandhirappavai who is the protector of the Siddhas. This is a temple everyone should visit once in their lifetime. To know more about our spiritual services please visit our website www.pallikaranaisakthi.org. Please subscribe our Youtube channel. This will encourage us to publish more such useful videos. Thank you,
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