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Arul vaakku has been stopped.

Arul Vaakku (The Divine Oracle)

Located in the western corner of the temple is an unpretentious little shed. At the far end of the shed is the little shrine housing the sanctum dedicated to Guru Maheswarar and Nandikeswarar. The shrine is about 6×5 feet and one has to bend down to enter it.

This little sanctum is the scene of perhaps the Temple’s most sacred blessing, largely unknown to anyone in the world, except devotees blessed by the Divine Mother. It is here that, for 33 long years from 1984 to 2017, the Arul Vaakku or the Oracle of the Divine Mother was provided to the devotees unfailingly on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays. On these days, dozens of people would throng the temple and fill the shed, earnestly seeking divine guidance about all kinds of problems affecting them, whether material or spiritual.

And provide the guidance Mother did, helping devotees overcome the toughest of human problems and the knottiest of life situations, as long as they sincerely followed the instructions She revealed to them during the Arul Vaakku.

Arul Vaakku and the Temple’s growth

Grateful devotees who had their problems thus solved, spread the word and brought their relatives, friends and well wishers to Mother’s fold, thus exponentially multiplying Her reach to the farthest corners of India and other parts of the world, all without the slightest fanfare or advertisement of any kind. Like the early morning dew silently nourishing life on earth, Annai’s grace has thus reached every single person destined to receive it in this life.

The organic growth of the temple, from just the small shrine housing Annai in 1984 to the fairly large temple complex of over 30,000 square feet it’s now, with multiple Sannidhis and Mandapams, happened entirely from the donations voluntarily made by devotees who had benefited from the Arul Vaakku. Indeed, the management has never had to go outside the temple’s precincts seeking monetary help for any of the temple’s activities. This fact alone is testament to the extraordinary power and grace of Annai that manifested through the Arul Vaakku all these years.

Good things come to an end (almost!)

In 2017, Divine Mother Annai Aadhi Parasakthi revealed that the time had come for Her Arul Vaakku at the temple to end. This came as a complete shock to thousands of devotees. Over the last four decades, they had become used to seeking Annai’s guidance for nearly everything in their lives; Annai, through Her Arul Vaakku, had become their Guru, Father, Mother and Friend. They could not even imagine a future in which they couldn’t turn to Annai to seek Her guidance about a problem afflicting them.

Thousands of these devotees began praying earnestly to Annai, beseeching Her to continue the Arul Vaakku for many more years to come. Moved by the sincere prayers of these devotees, Annai revealed in a later Arul Vaakku that She would continue Her Divine Oracle, but at a significantly reduced frequency and to a lesser number of people.

Arul Vaakku at the Temple today

As per Annai’s instructions, Arul Vaakku now takes place at the temple only on the first and third Sundays of every English month.

Additionally, it’s now restricted to the following limited groups of people:

  • Devotees who sponsor the full expenses for the monthly Annadhaanam done on each Pournami (Full moon) day may receive Arul Vaakku throughout the year on the first and third Sundays of the month.
  • Devotees who perform a special Abishegam to Annai on any day of their choice may receive Arul Vaakku only once, either on the first or third Sunday of the month, as per their choice.

We encourage new devotees to seek Annai’s Arul Vaakku at least once and experience for themselves the life-changing transformation it brings about to them and their family. Details of the procedure for performing the special Abhishegam for Arul Vaakku may be obtained from the temple office by contacting 044-22460820 or 044-22462910.

Donations to the temple are exempt under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act.

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