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Velvis (Yagnas/Yagyam/ Yaagam)

It is mankind’s divine right to lead a peaceful and prosperous life filled with bounty. But, the reality is that the life of every human being alternates between happiness and sorrows. Why is this so? And, is God the reason behind a man’s sorrows?The reasons behind man’s troubles are the sins that he had committed knowingly or unknowingly in this birth or the previous ones. These are the Karma that trouble him according to the intensity of the sins committed. To free oneself from the Karma, Lord Krishna has suggested many ways in his discourse, Sri Bhagavat Gita. One such way is performing Yagnas (Velvi in Tamil)

  1. “Deva Yagyam”is dedicated to the Devas. This yagyam is done to seek the blessings of the Devas by dedicating prescribed holy offerings to the sacred fire.
  2. “Brahma Yagyam”is praying upon the God by reciting their sacred chants daily and offering food to them.
  3. “Pitru Yagyam”is offering our forefathers with whatever we can with gratitude so that they rest in peace in their afterlife.
  4. “Boodha yagyam”is protecting and helping animals, birds and other gifts of nature.
  5. “Adithi Yagyam”is helping a stranger and ensuring that they don’t suffer from hunger.

Velvis (Yagnas) at our Temple

The Divine Mother, Annai Aadhi Parasakthi has graciously revealed, through the 18 Siddhas worshipped at the temple, the following specific Yagnas for the material and spiritual well being of the devotees. Over the past four decades, thousands have benefited by conducting these Velvis.

We encourage new and would-be devotees to learn more about each of these Velvis in the ensuing pages.

Deva Yagyam

Brahma Yagyam

Pitru Yagyam

Boodha yagyam

Adithi Yagyam

Special Velvis

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